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Using System Center Essentials 2007 Console on Windows XP/Vista machine

I found quite annoying to log in to SCE server every time I needed to do something, I decided to install SCE console on my Vista machine. So I got it installed and run it. Typed in the management server address, the admin username and password but got the error message. I started digging around and found nice solution. In order for the remote Essentials console to connect to the Essentials server I needed to import 2 certificates and sort out the user. Here are the steps I took:

1. You need to import the SSL and WSUS Code Signing certificates from the Essentials server to the remote management machine (in my case my Vista computer). So on the Essentials 2007 server browse to the System Center Essentials 2007\Certificate directory and copy the two certificates (WSUSCodeSigningCert.cer and WSUSSSLCert.cer) to your remote management computer.

2. Open the Certificates MMC for the Computer account on the remote management computer.

3. Import both certificates into the Trusted Root Certification Authority Store. Then import only WSUSCodeSigningCert.cerinto the Third Party Publishers and Trusted Publishers stores.

Now I thought its all done and I’m good to go. So I started the System Center Essentials console typed in the management server name, the admin username and password and the application crashed. It seems that SCE remote console somehow crashes if you try to run it like this. So the solution to this problem was the following. I needed to add my ordinary account to SCE management server local administrators group. So next step (number four) is this:

4. On the Essentials 2007 server, open the Local Users and Groups MMC and add the user, you are using to run your remote console on your computer, to administrators group.


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