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Upgrading Zabbix from 2.4.x to 3.0.x on CentOS 7

Before starting with the upgrade I recommend familiarising yourself with these pages.

Note! If you are upgrading from earlier versions then you need to upgrade from 1.8.x – 2.x to 2.4.x first. Have a look at my previous post about upgrading Zabbix.

Steps to upgrade

  1. If you are running Zabbix on a virtual machine take a snapshot to revert back to if something goes wrong.
  2. Clean up yum
    yum clean all
  3. Check what zabbix packages you have installed and take a note of them.
    rpm -qa | grep zabbix
  4. Stop Zabbix service.
    systemctl stop zabbix-server
  5. Backup Zabbix (you can skip these if you are using a snapshot)
    mkdir ~/etc_zabbix.bak
    cp -r -p /etc/zabbix/* ~/etc_zabbix.bak
    mkdir ~/web_zabbix.bak
    cp -r -p /usr/share/zabbix/* ~/web_zabbix.bak
    mysqldump -u zabbix -p zabbix > ~/zabbix_dump.sql
  6. Remove old zabbix repo and add the new 3.0.x repo
    rpm -e zabbix-release
    rpm -ivh
  7. Run yum update and install the new packages
    yum update
  8. Verify that new packages have been installed
    rpm -qa | grep zabbix
  9. Restart Zabbix services
    systemctl restart zabbix-agent
    systemctl restart zabbix-server
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