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Exchange 2007 CSR Command Creator

April 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I needed to great new certificate for my Exchange 2007 server. As I was not that familiar with Exchange Management Shell at that time, I decided to dig around to get some help. Here’s what I found. These pages are quite easy to understand so I will not rewrite them. Instead I’ll try to post a small explanation with the link:

* First I suggest to read little about SAN (Subject Alternative Names) and SAN Certificates. You can obtain the needed information from here.
* Here is an explanation how to use CSR tool to generate a code for your certificate request.
* This is the DigiCert’s Exchange 2007 CSR Tool. You can use it to generate a command and then copy it to Exchange Management Shell.
* Here is a small how-to about how to install your certificate to your Exchange 2007 server using Exchange Management Shell.
* Exchange 2007 has IIS7 installed as well + IIS7 Management Tools (if I remember correctly). You can use this page to get some info how to install it using IIS7 Management Tools.