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RunAs in Windows Vista/Windows 7

April 28, 2009 Leave a comment

A couple of days ago I was having some problems in Vista as I needed to run a program in domain admin rights but I didn’t want to log in as one. So I started looking around for other options. Vista’s runas is a bit different compared to Windows XP. In XP you could choose what account you wanted to use when using runas, but this has changed in Vista. You can only use runas and run stuff as local computer administrator that’s it. There is a way to change that but you will have to adjust local policy for that. Or use this little program, called ShellRunAs. It’s made by Mark Russinovich and Jon Schwartz. Everything you need to know about this program (screenshot, commands and download) you can get from here.

PS! I tested this in Windows 7, and it works there as well.