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Can’t import Windows 10 Pro WIM into MDT 2013 Update 2

January 9, 2017 Leave a comment

Here are the steps:

  • Download Microsoft Media Creation Tool.
  • Start the tool and select the option to create ISO files to install on another computer.
  • Once all is downloaded and the Tool allows you to press finish – DON’T
  • Check C:\ESD folder for files (as it should contain installx86.esd and installx64.esd)
  • Copy ESD folder to C:\TEMP
  • Convert the esd files to wim using the following command: dism /export-image /sourceimagefile:C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources\installx64.esd /SourceIndex:4
    /destinationimagefile:C:\install.wim /destinationname:"Windows 10 Pro x64" /compress:max /checkintegrity
  • Import the new WIM files to MDT 2013 Update 2



Printer Spooler Error on Windows 7/8.x/10

March 16, 2016 1 comment

In this I received the Printer Spooler Error on Windows 8.1:

"windows cannot connect to the printer. the local print spooler service is not running. please restart the spooler or restart the machine."


This can be fixed in 2 ways.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools and open Services. Find the printer spooler service and check the status of it. If its Started, then Restart the service.
  2. Right Click on Windows button and select Command Prompt (Admin). Type in the following command: net stop spooler && net start spooler
    TIP! – This will also work on Windows 7/10